Welcome, 2023!

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Hi everyone! Happy 2023!

2022 is when we decided to restart the development of Project UNSEEK, and it has been almost a year since we started redeveloping the game. So many things happened in such a short span; restarting our Discord and Twitter, many monthly playtests (thanks for your participation and feedback!), a lot of new mechanics and characters added, a couple of international events, some local events, and our first Steam event! Thank you so much for all of your support! (Especially to our community!) With your help, we can run this far.

Here are some updates on what we will do in January and February.

  1. Steam Next Fest (February 6th, 2023)

We are working to create our first public demo that will be playable on Steam Next Fest. In this demo, you can play using 3 Humans and 2 Creatures on two maps and play it online with your friends and colleagues for free.

What’s in this demo version:

  • Play using five characters: Jack, Britanny, Louis, Dr. Plague, and Alien.
  • Play on the latest map: Lab! Also Forest.
  • Onboarding tutorial on how to start and play the game.
  • Cross-play with the Community Playtesting version.

We also plan to do some Livestream on our steam page between the 6th – 13th of February 2022. We will also rebroadcast it if you miss the stream. Please stay tuned for more info about the demo and stream.

Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1758470/Project_UNSEEK/

2. Community Playtesting

Our last community playtesting was in November 2022, and we skipped it entirely in December. In 2023 we will do it again until the game is released. In the future, unlike the previous session, we will do it more unsupervised and more open. However, it might still be limited to our discord members or opened to the public on Steam. Because of this, we will implement an onboarding tutorial so the new participant can quickly learn the game without needing the dev to explain it every session.

This community version will also be compatible to cross-play with the Demo version, so you can play it with everyone without asking them to join the community.

So what’s the difference with the demo version?

  • The Playtest version will get early access to the latest updates we have done, including new characters, maps, etc.
  • The Playtest server will always be open, unlike the Demo version, which might be closed after the event above ends.

Join Project UNSEEK Community on Discord: https://discord.gg/N2vBaxHhH7


We have a lot of exciting plans for Project UNSEEK in 2023; please stay tuned for future information! See you in the next update!

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