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Project Unseek is an 8 players 2D asymmetric online multiplayer horror-themed hide and seeks game.

In this game, 8 players will be divide into 2 teams: Hider (Human) and Seeker (Monster). As Hider you need to escape the woods by finishing the objective and avoid Seeker. As Seeker you need to capture or avoid the Hider to escape before the time runs out.


Limited Field of View
Players can only see either friends or foes from their limited field of view. The Seeker can only capture Hider when the Hider is inside their field of view.

Power Up
Players can utilize skill and power up to help finish their objective. Some skills will only be available to each role from the start, for example, the dash is only available to Hider. Power-ups can be obtained in the game scattered around the map.

Capture and Prison
Hiders have to dodge all Seekers, they will be imprisoned when captured and will be teleported to a certain spot. A teammate must help to release those imprisoned hiders.

Players can change and personalize their character appearance with cosmetics such as hats, companions, and foot trail.

Project Unseek is targeted for PC (Steam), Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.


Release Date

2022 (TBA)

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