About Project Unseek

Project Unseek is a 2 V 6 asymmetric online multiplayer horror-themed hide and seeks game. Set in the 80s, you and other players will play as High Schoolers and Creatures to survive and defeat each other team.

2 V 6 Asymmetrical Multiplayer PVP*
In this game, you and seven other players will be randomly divided into two teams: 6 Humans and 2 Creatures.

As humans, you must escape the woods by hacking the system and avoiding being captured by creatures. As creatures, you must capture or avoid the humans to escape before the time runs out.

Fog of Survival Horror
Because of the foggy environment, players can only see either friends or foes from their limited field of view.

Plenty of Characters to Play As
You can choose to play between 5 Humans and 3 Creatures, each with unique skills and traits.

Skills and Items to Help Your Mission
Each Human and Creature character has unique skills and tools to help them finish the objective.

Release Date

NOVEMBER, 10, 2023
Platform: STEAM (Windows | Mac)


Video Trailer


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Dale Bashir, IGN SEA

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Panji Saputro, Detik.com
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Arsanesia is game developer from Bandung, Indonesia. Established since 2011, Arsanesia has been developing various casual and educational video game such as Summer Town, Si Juki Warteg Mania, Si Juki Warteg Gaya Baru, Pippo Brain Training, and many mores.

Derived from Sansekerta word of Arsa (pleasure and excitement) and Greek word of Nesos (Island) as we believe it defines our vision to create a “place” of pleasure and happiness.









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