Hey there, amazing news! We’re thrilled to announce that the demo of Project UNSEEK is now available for the public! That means you can dive into the game, play with your friends, and experience all the fun for FREE before deciding to purchase the full version when it’s released. The demo gives you a taste of what the complete Project UNSEEK has to offer, although we’ve kept some exclusive characters and cosmetics reserved for the full game.

Here are some fantastic updates we’ve made for the demo:

Brand New Characters

In this demo, you’ll get to meet the complete roster of characters that will be available in the full game, including three exciting new additions. Meet J-Li, a clever girl with a knack for scrambling the system, Christopher, a man of faith, and Boar Demon, a shape-shifting thief demon with two formidable forms. Three of these characters will be exclusively unlocked in the full version. Stay tuned to our social media channels and blog for more details about them!

Character Cosmetics: Companions and Trail Effects

Now, you can personalize your characters even further with Companion and Trail effect cosmetics! Using in-game points, you can purchase these delightful additions that will follow your character’s every move in the game. Make your presence known with these cool companions and stylish trail effects.

Enhanced Visuals and Animations

We’ve gone the extra mile to revamp our visual assets, particularly in the maps, by incorporating more 3D elements than ever before. Additionally, we’ve improved character animations to bring out their personalities when unleashing their skills. Get ready for a visually stunning and immersive experience!

2023-07-07 14-20-22 - frame at 15m0s

UI and UX Enhancements

We believe in continually refining the user interface and user experience to create a seamless and intuitive gameplay environment. We’ve implemented various updates to make navigating the game feel natural and effortless. We want you to have the best gaming experience possible!

Bug Fixes

We’ve been hard at work squashing pesky bugs that have been causing headaches for our dedicated team of programmers and testers. Rest assured, the current build of the demo is now considered virtually bug-free. Your gaming sessions should be smoother!

With the release of this demo, we genuinely hope that you and everyone else will have an absolute blast playing Project UNSEEK. After giving the game a go, we’d love to hear your feedback. Your input will help us further improve and refine the game, making it an even more incredible experience for all.

Get ready to have some serious fun!

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